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Please visit our new lab website. This website is outdated.

Brain, behavior and cognition, science and scientists, and the dream that our ideas and not our data limit the questions we can ask.

About Us

Our research fluctuates a bit based on what interests us and the strengths of our lab members. We invite you to contact us with collaboration ideas. We tend to focus on Bayesian and data analysis methods and we want to help in the production of data.

We are hiring

We need to fill a position on computational neuroscience/imaging. This will involve experiments and data analysis. And probably some Bayesian modeling.

Our Research

We are data scientists with an interest in understanding the brain. Making sense of data is possibly the biggest problem in Neuroscience. We build algorithms to analyze data. We also use theory as well as computational and neural modeling to understand how information is processed in the nervous system, explaining data obtained in collaboration with electrophysiologists and in psychophysical experiments. Lastly, we constrain and develop new technologies aimed at obtaining data about brains.
Our conceptual work in the Bayesian Behavior Lab addresses information processing in the nervous system from two angles: (1) By analyzing and explaining electrophysiological data, we study what neurons do. (2) By analyzing and explaining human behavior, we study what all these neurons do together. Much of our work looks at these questions from a normative viewpoint, asking what problems the nervous system should be solving. This often means taking a Bayesian approach. Bayesian decision theory is the systematic way of calculating how the nervous system may make good decisions in the presence of uncertainty.
We've pursued projects that involve handshake greetings, human movement, cell-phone related parkinson's research, competitions at Kaggle, meta-science analysis, data sharing initiatives, and recording from all neurons in a mouse.

Lab Members

Our research group is remarkably interdisciplinary. Our interests span statistics, physics, biology, applied mathematics, molecular biology, metascience, cognitive science, and many other disciplines. Visit our people page to see more information on each person who works in the lab (publications, contact information, photos).


2012 visualization
For PDFs of our work, visit our Publications page.
  • Konrad made a wordle visualization of our 2012 papers. He has called it our year of generalization.
  • Here's a visualization of the words in our 09 and 10 abstracts. In descending order of importance, our lab was about system, nervous, model, adaptation, movement, visual, information, Bayesian, neurons, uncertainty, motor and task.
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