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We've hacked a few things with our wiki.

We started with a gumaxvn (gumax vertical navigation). I wanted the navigation bar on the left to stay in place -- I was able to get it to stay in one place, but it remained "on top" when the window was small and the user scrolled back and forth. But because I didn't want to block access to other links, I left it out. I would like to fix it.

Daniel's H-index calculator is in the root directory on the server so he could have a shorter url to send out -- it's not actually tied to this wiki in any way.

A minimum width was hardcoded into the gumax_template.css.

To edit the navigation bar, go to Mediawiki:sidebar.

We installed a few different extensions on our wiki page for people to play with.

For Hugo's visualizations, we ended up putting the html files on the server (look in the /srv/www/htdocs/wiki/extensions/JavaScript/Hugo folder). The details of the JavaScript are orphaned pages on the wiki.

Creation of users was disabled for Cosmo 2012 and never re-enabled. Not all lab members have an account, but it hasn't been an issue yet.

Wish List

Make the background of thumbnails to be the same blue (not the awkward white)...

The navigation panel on the left could stay in place as scrolling up and down. (Could make it static, but then re-sizing the window makes it on top...)

Minimum size of wiki "content" (non-navigation panel) is set statically on the server based on the size of the main page photo (or number of people in the lab or the table of year links on the Publications page). Making the width dynamic for each page would be a good solution, but making the table wrap could also be a good idea.

Shorter urls

Banner across all pages -- picture of whiteboard, with the title of the page "written" on the whiteboard (some font that makes it look a part of the webpage).

Previous suggestions that have been rejected

Password protect downloads of files.

Restrict access to certain pages based on account info.

Previous suggestions that have been implemented

Move the twitter feed to the navigation panel

Allow for D3 (http://d3js.org/) visualizations. (Ask Hugo how.)

Random Photo

Increase file upload size (currently set to 20 MB)

Added file types (each type needs to be explicitly allowed on the server)

I made a template {{Clear}}, [[Template:Clear]] that forces photos to display before the next line of text begins.

I wanted to make a template for the hover over picture on the main page, but I never got there. Right now, I'm using MediaWiki:Common.css to do that.

To allow for deletion of users, ssh into the server and uncomment the section at the end of LocalSettings.php that allows for combination/merging/deletion.

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