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How to prepare your experimental data

If you'd like to have your experiment included in DREAM, please send us:

  • Data. If these are MATLAB files, you can leave them in whatever format you have them in. Usually, we can understand the data fine by looking at it, but we'd appreciate a ReadMe file.
  • ReadMe. A file that briefly explains how your data is organized.
  • Contact Method(s). In case there is something about your experiment we do not understand, we'd like to be able to clarify by talking directly to you.
  • Published paper. We request that you include a copy of the paper since there are some things about an experiment (such as the equipment set-up) that the data files can't describe.
  • Other info. Of course, feel free to pass along any other information we'd need to make sense of your data.

How to prepare your models

So that we can apply models across experimental data sets, we have a common structure to all of our experiments. We will pass your model a structure with all of the data for a subject. We trust you to deal with that data appropriately. (This means you will have access to both past and future reaches while running your model.) Your model should allow for this data to be passed as an input.

Since this project is still being built, if you are interested in sharing a model, please contact us for a deeper explanation.

Our contact information

Send us a DVD, CD, or memory stick:

Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago Attn: DREAM Rm 1479,
345 E Superior St,
Chicago, IL 60611

Or send an email to reachingdatabase AT gmail DOT com

If you'd prefer, we also have an FTP server you can upload your files

Issues to be resolved

If you have a stance on the issue of data sharing, we welcome your ideas. We still need to finish discussing the terms of use for DREAM. It seems that using a database or model should obligate authors to cite the corresponding paper. What about co-authorship? Also, what is the process for removing/editing data that's been added?

Experiments included in the database

This was a snapshot of the database in early 2011. We have since increased to 12 different publications

Generalization of Dynamics Learning Across Changes in Movement Amplitude

Mattar, A and Ostry, D, 2010
Journal of Neurophysiology. 104:426-438.

Relevance of error: what drives motor adaptation?

Wei K and Kording KP, 2008
Journal of Neurophysiology. 101: 655-664. (Abstract, PDF).

Modifiability of Generalization in Dynamics Learning

Mattar, A and Ostry, D, 2007
Journal of Neurophysiology. 98:3321-3329.

Rapid reshaping of human motor generalization

Thoroughman, KA and Taylor, JA, 2005
Journal of Neuroscience. 25(39): 8948-8953. (Abstract, PDF).

Does the motor control system use multiple models and context switching to cope with a variable environment?

Karniel, A and Mussa-Ivaldi, F.A, 2002
Experimental Brain Research. Volume 143, Number 4, 520-524, DOI: 10.1007/s00221-002-1054-4 (PDF)
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